Saturday, May 19, 2012

Captain :)

assalamualaikum readers!:)

readers,if you ask who's the happiest girl on the planet right now,it's me it's me!haha,finally,i'm officially belongs to him,ngee,unbelievable and unexpected.yelaa,macam aku cakap la kan,mmg 1.5% je la ciri ciri gadis idaman yg ad kt ak,ke nil trus?HAHA.but still,he accept me just the way I am,and he loves me,and that's it.i just need a guy like fakes,no hypocrites.honestly,dalam hati aku just ada dia buat masa srg.and i don't even wanna lose him.

dear captain,thanks sbb accept long as I'm here,I'm yours.:)

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