Monday, March 12, 2012


assalamualaikum readers!:)

today i'm going to write in english,LOL.this is my expression,after  5 years struggling with the situation..:)

as all people walk out and leave me all alone
i'm struggling for the rainbow
please let it appear for a short moment,
so that i can include this period into my memory lane.

people keep on satirizing ad judging,
people keep on developing their expectation
"be happy in front of those people who doesn't like you will kill 'em "
and yes i did it
put on my fake smile and fake laugh
covering my mourning soul,
yet i acted life is easy
instead of life is a tragedy

and everybody keep on step forward,
as if my presence is just a shadow.
can be seen but not actually exist
so why should they bother about a shadow?

i have sacrificed a lot to make myself jubilant,
and i'll keep on fighting,
because I still have people who care about me,
even though we were separated by hundred miles,
here,nobody cares
here,i'm nothing,
but it's okay
Allah is enough for me.:)

my expression@tasik raban,lenggong
8th of march 2012
9.35 pm
after 5 years struggling for happiness in that place,
i'm still working on it.

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