Saturday, August 27, 2011


assalamualaikum readers!

yes sayang,u stole my heart then you teared it up to pieces..i wish that you have one solid concrete reason for all these.sayang,we lead a long distance relationship,right?and u didn't pick up my calls,u didn't drop anything on my wall,you even didn't chat with me.lost contact ey?and is it my fault to be suspicious towards you?is it wrong for me to doubt your sincere?i know that you're busy,but is it hard to just say 'hi'?you can even walling with other girls,comment their status,but how bout' me?yes,i love you so much,but now I'm heartbroken.and you even did nothing to heal this wound.should I say goodbye?

I think I should,even though it will curse me backfires.:'(

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