Friday, September 16, 2011

A Salute To Malaysian

For the ones who mix their coffee with tea
Who looks for nasi lemak when they're overseas
And those one who finish their meals with ABC

For those who speak more than two languages
Who ride with their jacket on backwards
And the ones who can't wake up
With a super-kau kopi o first

For ones who call everyone 'bro'
Who lat-tali-lat to decide where gets to go
And the ones who're bargain hunting
Best-price-finding pros

For the ones who stay up late for matches
Who island-hop on beautiful beaches
And the ones would never
Ever,trading durians with peaches

For the ones who gave their lives for Merdeka
Who laid the foundations in the days of Malaysia
And the ones who proudly
Calling themselves Malaysian

for the ones who on the East and West coast
Who call Sabah and Sarawak home
And for every Malaysian
Because you matter most

(picked from NST September 14)

assalamualaikum readers!:)

well,ni rsenye kali prtama ak start mnulis poem kt blog,haha.ta mmpu la kan nk reka2 nih,cedok copy paste je la,ngee.well,hari nie 16 september.slaen drpd birthday azrai(hg dh tua!:P).hari ni un birthday malaysia,haha..*malaysia was formed on 16 september 1963.:P..well,54 taun dh kn merdeka?hahah..skjp je malaysia transform.and ak brsyukur jd org malaysia sbb malaysia aman damai..*even ad Bersih skjp kan,huhu.and malaysia has its own beauty yg negara2 aen tade plus unity dy unik!mana nk jumpa melayu lepak smbang skali dgn cina india kat kdai mkn lepak2 tgok bola?kt malaysia je bai!bangga sket ye,hahah.:D

btw,i'm proud to call myself Malaysian!:D

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