Wednesday, November 3, 2010


ibu,i know,u're heartbroken.i know u're upset when everything that we planned were spoiled just like that!heh,thanks to ur siblings ey?why our family shattered?if u can feel how deep my jealousy towards my friends.their bond between relatives are so tight,and how bout us?when they came back u run away...:(...i'm not blaming u mom,trust me.all sides are guilty.heh,ego successfully playing his role.and now,they ruined everything!don't worry,abah n i had planned a great celebration 4 u.and u're just shook u're head,disagree with it?omg!ibu,pity abah la.he had tried all the best he can do to cheer up u again.i also try confide my warden to come back just 4 ur birthday!please ibu,i'm begging u...please la,sian kt abah...if ur siblings don't mark ur birthday as an important day,let us doing that.ibu,akak,abah,abel n akim loves u so much!i'm not blaming u for this consequences...seriously not!i'm just begging a sentence from u,agree with the plan...T_T

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