Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bond of Friendship...

~Ada kalanya ak benci pertemuan kerana perpisahan akan berlaku~

sounds sappy,but true.mmg friendship tu indah sgt.precious moments that can't be forgotten akn sntiasa ade ngan,saketnye bila ade prpisahan.rse incomplete.and now that's what I feel.rse torn apart,inside and out.ak sdeyh sgt...

he will leave me.and ak sumpah rse down dgn knyataan ni.he's the one yg sudi dgr celoteh ak ari2,hee.he's the one yg bg ak smangat utk trus move on.he's the one yg sntiasa suka cari pasal ngan ak.he's special!and he will leave me for 2 years...Ya Allah,sdeyhnye Tuhan aje yg tau..hurm,dy pujuk ak ckp.."FB kan ade?"hee,mmg sket sbnyk jauhnye ttp trase..x pe la boy,ak akn sntiasa doakn kaw...:)

then,dgr pulak ura2 si elmo pun maybe pindh.even x confirm agy..wehh,jgn tinggal ak doe!sdeyh sial,siyes!ak ta puas agy nk hangout ngan kaw,men roller sesame,pangkah org sume..haha.don't leave me,please,..:'(

ak jd takut..takut hilang kngkwn ak sume.2 years je agy jd budak skola..then sume brtrabur pegi u memane pun ntah..i'm going to UK,,ak takut satu hari nanti ak cuma akn jd sjarah yg akn dilupakn oleh kngkwn ak sdiri.tamau la weyh,syg korg doe!

to my besties ever,this poem is dedicated to u!:)

Friendship is something to hold on to
But for me that's not the case
Cause I don't feel I need to keep
Something that can't be erased

I am sure of what I have
Cause with you I have no doubt
For what we've built, can't ever fail
It's what I care about

I find it hard to describe
This thing that we share
Especially when there's nothing else
That ever could compare

Others always know
That together we will be
For there can never be another
"Tani and Kerrie"

Those two words, known all over
Might as well be one
Cause without a Kerrie, there is no Tani
I'm sorry, it just can't be done

For you're the "U", and I'm the "S"
And forever that will be
Cause together we make "US", and so

that's all for now.friends,i love u so so much!:)

ps:Alif,smpai sana nnti jgn lupa ak ye kwn!;)

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